Friday, August 26, 2016

Secondary blog

Hey all. So since I have gotten S4, I've started playing with it a little. My first challenge was Rebuild Willow Creek which I was just updating on the forum thread.

Recently I started an Iron Woman Challenge that is a spin off of the Going Solo challenge I play. Since I am playing, I decided I wanted to keep an easy to refer to record of my game play. Hence
GONE SIMMING was born. It's strictly for my S4 game play and all will be commentary only. Follow along if you like. :)

Happy Simming
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Orpan Angela: Update 12

**This will be a short update.

The mood in the house. The twins are still caring for the younger twins.

Angie isn't exactly doing nothing, she does have to tend to the youngest kids.

Once his siblings are happy, at least temporarily, Kyle needs to do some cooking. They've been living off quick meals for a while.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Orpan Angela: Update 11

Angie doing some much needed cleaning since her neat kids have moved out.
Chad wakes up rather hungry and he makes sure Angie knows.

Carol is a little less demanding in her needs.

Angie has been better about rolling wants for both twins this time.

After a while, she leaves the tots to entertain themselves while she takes a much needed nap. Luckily the older two are due home from school around that time.
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Idyllic Family: 19

At the end of the last update Sam and Teresa went out on a date. No idea why I didn't post this in that update, but either way it was a great one. They had officially become a couple then as well.
Sam calls home to check in often.

Then he let's his girl know how much he misses her.

Keeping his skills up.
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Attaining Perfection: Update 14

**While I'm sorting old pictures, I might was well do them all.**

So last I left off, it was prom for the older boys. No idea why I didn't put all the prom updates in that one, but we'll start there.

Nice shot of the boys prom pictures.

Also last update had a new woman in Zane's life. That didn't last. :(

Back at home Ebony is discussing the importance of physical fitness with Debbie.

Someone's hungry.

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Orpan Angela: Update 10

**So these shots are from November. Yes November. LOL I know, I'm terrible. Reading Piazzagirl's updates prompted me to finally update this.**

The twins caring for the twins. :) (as a reminder, those are the twins fathered by Chuck Hobble, Carol and Chad)

Meanwhile Blair has creepy doll play time.

And Angie doing what she does best. Carlie is the first one to use the guitar.

I guess since there is plenty of cake in the house, the kids figure they might as well eat it.

Angie was getting stir crazy so I send her out to meet some people. The gym should be a good place to meet hunky, potential baby daddies right?

Wrong! Only women in the place.

Outside however she runs into the repair man(?). Angie loves a man that's good with his hands and knows what to do with his tools. She will keep his number for sure.

Since the gym was a bust, she heads over to the local dive bar to hope for better luck.

Back at home, the twins are hanging out.

But it doesn't seem to be going well.

Meanwhile Angie runs into this guy (whose name I've forgotten at this point).

Things were going well until she tried flirting with him. If I remember correctly, he's married or something.

After striking out at both locations, Angie heads back home remembering she has kids to care for.

Because Angie has an empty womb that needs filling, off she goes again. Can't recall where I sent her, but she runs into this fella.

Their flirting escalated quickly, and it turned into a real date!

Yep...looks like they had a good time. hahaha

Him without his glasses. So far, best looking guy she's come across in this town for sure.

She gives him a proper goodbye.

Rare family dinner! Well most of them anyway. Not sure where Carlie went.

Then sometime with her twins.

Looks like her romp at the theater was successful.
 Baby daddy #7 Cruz Martingale

Birthday time!!

Um Carlie...not sure you should be one with the dishwasher like that.

Not a good look

Much better

Carlie's traits currently are loves the outdoors, viruoso, athletic and equestrian. **final trait was rebellious** Next time I actually go in game, I'll upload her.

Now for the twins

More with the same color and wing shape as Angie. :( Really tempted to change them.

Now for other happenings
Calvin is still good about paying his child support.

Chuck on the otherhand, it appears to depend on his mood. LOL

Grayson is doing well for himself. However if I remember correctly, Benni was Quincy's girlfriend right before he died.

Guess Quinn decided that if Grayson was gonna date a woman his father dated, then he'd do the same. LOL Hooked up with Gavin's widow.

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