Monday, May 15, 2017

Orphan Angela: Update 16

Welcome back. It's been a long time since I updated Angie but Piazzagirl inspired me to load her save and play. Once I was in there I quickly remembered why I hadn't gone back.

When we last left off, Angie had just given birth to quads by David Ziggfield. Three girls and one boy. We open with her giving Demi some snuggles.

Chad putting the ballet bar to use like his big sister Blair used to do. (No I had not edited his athletic wear, but after seeing this I did.)

Once Blair finished shadow boxing, she stepped up to be a big sister and helped Cade with his homework. Meanwhile Angie is still doting on Demi. Looks like she's playing favorites again.

Calista picked up the family's dancing gene.

Thank goodness for another set of hands in the house. These four are fussy.

However Blair only gets one diaper changed before Carol comes in to ask for a bedtime story.

This screen shot sums up the house. Someone is always crying!

Carol being a good daughter and cleaning the house. Someone has to since Angie is always busy. Luckily Blair does roll wants to magically clean the house. It's always fulfilled.

These two gossiping. Maybe trying to figure out how to make a break for it.

The time has come and not a minute too soon!
Demi up first her rolled traits at birth disciplined and friendly

Darla who got couch potato and friendly. I'm very excited she got a different wing shape and color.

Dell loves the heat and grumpy.
Poor Dell! He looks like a little old man. The rest of his hair never made it down to his head.

Daisy light sleeper and couch potato. Apparently I forgot to take the before CAS shot so she got stuck with this cross-eyed one.

Let the skill training begin. Well at least what's rolled for. So far Angie has wished that Darla and Dell Demi learn potty. Darla walk and Demi talk.

Chad showing off that he also got the family dance gene.

Sleep is a thing of the past in this house.

At least they can entertain themselves somewhat. And all of their sleepwear is that onesie. Things 1-4.

While They play, Angie finally manages to grab some food and take care of herself. Hopefully she'll survive until Blair gets home from school.


  1. Quads are a lot of work You really need another set of hands with them so thank heavens for Blair. Angie really needs the help. The quads are cute and I love their hair color. Its like a sandy brown. We usually don't see sims with that color hair. David is on Raven's list too and I hope the kids get that hair color.

    I'm sure Angie is thankful for the quiet times and at least they are amusing themselves and skilling at the same time. It's good to see Angie back and I'm sure we will all be waiting for these 4 to age into kids.

    1. Hell yeah they are! Man if she didn't have Blair I think Angie would lose her mind. The first set of twins, Carol and Chad, are due to age up soon so that will also help. I think the hair color is David's and they all got it. Good luck to Raven, hope she lucks out as well. :)

      Yes she is. She was taking only cat naps and having to scarf down food when she could. Ready for them to be kids. It was fun playing her again even if the house was nuts.

      thanks for reading